Bible Journal With Me: Hebrews 4:16. “Come Boldly unto the Throne of Grace”

Today I’m working in Hebrews 4:16.  “Come Boldly unto the throne of Grace.” This verse struck me and reminded me to be more bold in my faith and my repentance. SUPPLIES: Kuretake Gansi Tambe Watercolor set Posca Paint Pens

Bible Journal with Me: Abound in Hope (Simple Watercolor Florals)

 Bible journal tutorial using watercolor to paint simple flowers. These simple watercolor florals are a beautiful addition to your bible journal. There is something so beautiful to me about a simple line drawing over scriptures.  While I enjoy creating big, elaborate scripture journal pages, I am often struck by the power of these simpler pages. […]

How to Create a Tape Image Transfer

Hey there! Have you ever created a tape transfer?  It’s almost like MAGIC!  Whenever I teach this method in workshops, the attendees are seriously SO delighted! It’s incredibly easy and all you need is a magazine image and some packing tape.  The packing tape stays sticky and you can use the image like a sticker […]

Bible Journal with me: Simple Stamps and Doodles

Hi friends! I’m happy to share another bible journal with me video today!  I really enjoy creating these videos and would love to hear from you.  What videos would be helpful for you? SUPPLIES I used Speedball Speedy-Carve to make this stamp.  To make stamping a little easier, I use double-sided tape to stick the […]

Hand Embroidery: How to do Chain Stitch

How to do hand embroidery Chain Stitch video tutorial. Hey there! Today I’m dropping in with a quick explanation of how to do Chain Stitch in your hand embroidery projects.  Chain Stitch creates a stunning, raised effect and is perfect for drawing your eye to certain words in a lettering piece. In the piece shown, […]

Hand Embroidery: How to do Split Stitch

Hello there! Today we’re continuing on in my series of hand embroidery stitch tutorials.  I’ll show you how to do Split Stitch in the video below. I use split stitch often in my embroidery pieces.  It’s a great way to get a nice smooth line, so I use it often for lettering, for outlines and […]