Watercolor with Me: Loose florals and linework

Floral Watercolor Tutorial.  Quick and simple watercolor video, large loose flowers with linework. Hello there! I’m excited to share another video with you today!  This is a quick, easy watercolor flower tutorial.  Watch as I paint some flowers with watercolors and then come back to add in ink details on top.   This is on of […]

Peek Into My Art Journal (plus a crazy adventure story)

Jason and I had the chance to spend almost a week in New York City last month.  It was a much-needed get-away for the two of us.  A time to reconnect, to explore a new place (one of our very favorite things to do together), and to have new experiences. Our first night we had […]

Why I Journal (and a Peek into my Art Journal)

Beautiful and quick art journal ideas. Journaling and creating art is a great way to relieve stress and preserve memories. Here are some of my favorite recent art journal pages. If you want to get started art journaling, check out my new gratitude journal! A couple of nights ago I stumbled upon a journal I […]

What I Learned from Failing at my 100 Day Project

Last year I completed a successful 100 Day Project and this year I failed miserably. If you’re unfamiliar with the 100 Day Project, it’s a pretty simple concept:  you set a goal to work on a creative project every day for 100 consecutive days. It could be anything from writing a novel to trying new […]