What I’ve Been Reading Lately: October and November 2019

Hiya, friends! I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somehow I forgot to post about the books I read in October. It’s possibly because my oldest daughter and I were on an adventure in Washington DC when I normally post, and it may also be due to the fact that my schedule has been […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately: August 2019

August has been a crazy busy month for us.  Between soccer tournaments (aka lots of driving), starting a new school routine (our kids are going one day a week to on-site classes), and a new very-part-time job for me (teaching art at the charter school) it felt like a really slow reading month for me. […]

My Summer Stack: Homeschool Mom Reading Guide for Summer 2019

Summer Reading Guide for Homeschool Moms I am a firm believer in the power of making plans.  Goals do not just happen; we must set aside the time, plan out the details, and then follow that plan.   Our family homeschools somewhat according to the Charlotte Mason method (we don’t follow her schedule exactly).  We use […]

Our Spring Term Homeschool Morning Time Plan

Homeschool Morning Time plans for a wide range of ages. Beautiful books to read aloud as a family I am excited to share with you our homeschool morning time plan for the spring term.  Generally a term for us lasts 6 or so weeks.  This will be our last term before the summer.  We homeschool […]