God is Love Free Coloring Page

Fun coloring page perfect for use in Primary or Sunday School classes, keeping your kids entertained during general conference or sacrament meeting.

I was recently called to teach the eight-year-olds in our congregation.  After a few months teaching the teenage girls, I was surprised at how excited I am to be back in the Primary so quickly.

As I was reading through the lesson for this week, I was struck by this phrase in 1 John 4:8.

                                         God is Love

I created a coloring page on a whim to hand out in my class while we talk about God and how we can show His love to others.  I thought you might like a copy, too.  Grab it below.

I am excited to focus on this phrase as I teach my class tomorrow, but also in discussions with my own children, and myself.

I want to be an example of the believers, to be Christlike in my interactions with my family and those I come into contact with.  If I want them to feel HIM, they need to feel LOVE.

God is love and forgiveness and trying again. 

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