Come Follow Me Sketchnotes: A Minister and A Witness; Acts 22-28; July 29-August 4

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes A Minister and A Witness Acts 22-28 July 29-August 4 Happy Monday! We have been enjoying a full week of cousin fun! We had three extra kiddos around here all week and was such a blast. All except for the broken leg and emergency surgery part. (Read more about that here)   […]

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes: The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel; Acts 16-21 ; July 22-28

Come Follow Me The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel Acts 16-21 July 22-28 Monday: Read Introduction in CFM manual +  Tuesday: Read Acts 16:16-34 and watch Paul and Silas in Prison Scripture Stories video Wednesday: Read and discuss Jesus Said to Share the Gospel Thursday: Read Acts 17:16-34 watch We Are the Offspring of God Friday: Read […]

A Lively Hope Stitching Club: Free Choose Kindness Hand Embroidery Pattern

 Free floral hand embroidery pattern Choose Kindness It’s A Lively Hope Stitching Club day! Today I’m sharing a beautiful floral design, with a phrase I’ve been repeating to my kids (and myself) a lot lately. Choose Kindness. This is a common refrain in our home.  My kids are strong-willed and short tempered (wonder where they […]

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes + simple family lesson plans: The Word of God Grew and Multiplied; Acts 10-15; July 15-21

Come Follow Me The Word of God Grew and Multiplied Acts 10-15 July 15-21 Happy Monday! Every week I share printable sketchnotes and some awesome resources for Come Follow Me lessons.  I have found that creating a simple lesson plan makes a HUGE difference for our family. I sit down for a few minutes each […]

Primary Music Flipcharts 2019 (Part 2)

2019 Latter-Day Saint Primary flipcharts to color.   Includes all of the songs recommended for July through December 2019. Flipcharts are a fantastic tool to help kids learn song lyrics. And there are a lot of great options out there, but color printing can be expensive, so I’ve been creating these black and white flipcharts that […]

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes and Lesson Plan: “What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?”; Acts 6-9; July 8-14

 “What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?”  Acts 6-9 July 8-14 Did you know that starting in July, the Ensign magazine includes a section called Family Study Fun?  They will include a short, powerful activity for each week of the Come Follow Me curriculum.  Our family will be using these ideas as our Family Home […]

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes + Lesson Plan: “Ye Shall Be Witnesses unto Me”; July 1-7; Acts 1-5

“Ye Shall Be Witnesses unto Me”  July 1-7  Acts 1-5 Happy Monday!   I am taking our kiddos on an extended family adventure this week.  We’ll be away from civilization for most of the week, and will most likely not watch all of the videos listed below.  On the long drive there we’ll listen to the […]