Journal with Me: A Quick Weekend Trip

How to Journal process video.  Watch me put together a couple of quick journal spreads from a weekend trip to visit friends and family. One of my favorite parts of traveling is adding little memories, sketches and ephemera to my journal.  Usually I sit down for a few minutes a day or two after we […]

New Testament Coloring Pages (Volume 3)

 Coloring pages that go along with the March 2019 lessons of the Come Follow Me LDS curriculum.  These seven coloring pages come directly from the King James New Testament.  They are hand-lettered and perfect for helping your family to memorize scriptures or to add to your scripture journal. Hello!  It’s finally starting to look like […]

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes: “Be Not Afraid”// Matthew 14-15; Mark 6-7; John 5-6

Free printable sketchnotes for Come Follow Me lesson:  “Be Not Afraid”// Matthew 14-15; Mark 6-7; John 5-6 I’m excited about this week’s sketchnotes page! Peter walking on water is one of my very favorite stories in the whole New Testament.  I so identify with Peter! My righteous enthusiasm has gotten me into deep water more […]

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes: “Who Hath Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear”; Matthew 13; Luke 8, 13

Printable sketchnotes for Matthew 13; Luke 8, 13 to go along with the Come Follow Me lesson ” Who Hath Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear”. Use as a coloring page, trace into your scriptures/journal or print on sticker paper. Happy Monday, friends!  I am happy to be back again with another doodle page for […]

Printable New Testament Paper Dolls/ Journaling printables

 Free printable New Testament figures.  Use as paper dolls or add as an embellishment in your scripture journal or journaling bible. Hello friends! I am excited to share a new set of scripture printables with you today! TheseNew Testament Paper Dolls include several figures and would be perfect to use with the Come Follow Me […]

Come Follow Me Sketchnotes: “These Twelve Jesus Sent Forth”// Matthew 10–12; Mark 2; Luke 7; 11 (+ additional resources)

 Sketchnotes/ traceable doodles that go along with the Come Follow Me Curriculum for Matthew  10-12; Mark 2, Luke 7,11.  Perfect for adding to your scripture journal, or tracing into your scriptures. Friends, I have loved creating these sketchnotes printables every week! I hope they are adding to your study of the Come Follow Me curriculum.  […]

Roses Hand Embroidery Pattern

Beautiful and simple hand embroidery pattern.  Perfect for a nursery or a wedding.  The colors are gorgeous and the pattern comes together quickly. Even though we’ve currently got a bunch of snow on the ground, and more falling, I’m dreaming of spring and my flower garden.  You’ll see that reflected in this month’s pattern. I’m […]

New Testament Sketchnotes (Matthew 8-9, Mark 2-5)

 Sketchnotes/ traceable doodles that go along with the Come Follow Me Curriculum for Matthew 8-9; Mark 2-5. “Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole”// Matthew 8–9; Mark 2–5 Hello friends! I’m happy to be back for another installment of my New Testament doodles. This week we get to focus on Christ’s healing power. I love the little snippets […]

What I’ve Been Reading: February 2019

I’ve been working hard lately to get ready for my next art/craft show.  I’ll have a booth at Simple Treasures Boutique next week in Farmington, UT.  This is the first time that I’ll be offering completed embroidery pieces! In the past I’ve only sold hand embroidery kits, but I decided to branch out a bit […]