Free Printable Mother’s Day Card

Free printable Mother’s Day card! Hand-lettered watercolor illustration  is the perfect last minute gift for any Mom in your life. I’m happy to offer you this free printable Mom card, just in time for Mother’s Day. It’s adorned with sweet flowers and will look awesome on any mantle or perk up any mailbox. HOW TO […]

David and Goliath Paper Play Set

David and Goliath Old Testament paper dolls are such a fun addition to family scripture study and family home evening. They help little ones learn the scripture stories so well! I’m dropping in today with the next installment of our Old Testament stories paper play sets. If you saw the first paper play set I […]

LDS New Testament Doctrinal Mastery Cards (free download!)

One of my primary goals as a mom is to infuse my children with the word of God. I’ve found such comfort from scripture, I hope I can pass that love and comfort on to my kids. Each morning, we review the scriptures we’ve memorized. Read more about how we’ve done this here. If you want […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately: April 2018

It’s been an unusually slow reading month for me. I only finished three books (though I’m pretty sure I read one more and I just can’t remember which one…it will probably come to me as soon as I publish this post!). That’s probably due at least in part to me falling asleep literally every time […]

April 2018 LDS General Conference Sketchnotes

General Conference was so inspiring! I have been basking in the beautiful and inspiring words we received for the past couple of weeks. It’s easy to move on with life and forget the ideas that filled our minds and the inspiration that filled our hearts during conference, so I try to go back to my […]

Exodus and Leviticus Scripture Doodles (free printable!)

 Sketchnote doodles for Exodus and Leviticus. These doodles are perfect to trace into your bible or scripture journal.  You can also print them on clear sticker paper and color them before you apply them. I’m so pleased to be back and continuing on with my Old Testament Scripture Doodle series! I’m studying the Old Testament […]