Why We Homeschool Year-Round + Summer Homeschool Plans

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is the ability to set our own schedule.  Our first year of official homeschooling, we stuck with a traditional school schedule.  I realized after that year that I would quickly burn out. So over the years, we’ve settled into a year round schedule. I found our […]

FREE I Love You Hand Embroidery Pattern

I’m super excited to share this free hand embroidery pattern with you today!  (Get it?! HAND? I crack myself up.) Supplies: 8″ embroidery hoop (or size of your choice) Black Pearl Cotton Embroidery Needle Linen Fabric Pattern (download for free by click ADD TO CART below) Instructions: Transfer the pattern onto your fabric. I use a light […]

Six Routines that are Keeping me Sane (mostly)

Life is busy right now.  We’ve got kids of all different ages, with all different levels of needs and interests.  We do limit their activities, but even with one sport and one musical instrument and one church group per child, we’ve still got a lot of places to be. Running a household is tough and […]

LDS General Conference April 2017 Sketchnotes

When I shared these photos of my Sketchnotes from LDS Conference a few weekends ago, I heard a similar comment over and over again, “I wish my notes looked like that!”  While I do believe anyone can take notes like this, I thought it would be fun to share mine with you.  So now when […]