Our Christmas Break Morning Time Plans

While we are technically on a school break for the next couple of weeks, we still have an unofficial Morning Time routine.  We love sitting down together in the mornings to read just for fun and my kids go a little crazy without that time. So we often continue with the tradition even on break […]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately, the Reading Slump Edition

I’m not sure whether it’s been caused by sleepless nights with a newborn or the busy-ness of the season, but I’ve found myself in a reading slump lately.  While I’ve got plenty of ideas of books to read and even several checked out from the library, I have been struggling to actually finish books lately. […]

What I’ve Learned Lately

I’m joining Emily P Freeman to share what I’ve learned lately.  We’ve been in full-blown survival mode for the past couple of months– since the arrival of our miracle, Edith. So this installment of What I Learned is full of practical tips, and not much in-depth thought and contemplation.  Because, honestly, if I have a […]