Tibetan Prayer Flags DIY Craft for Kids

For the past few weeks, at the request of my 11 year old daughter, we’ve been studying world religions in our homeschool.  While we were reading about Buddhism, we became smitten with Tibetan Prayer Flags. We’ve seen these before, of course, and thought they were beautiful.  But after learning more about the meaning of the flags […]

34 Things I’ve Learned in my 34 Years

Reflecting today on the past 34 years of my life.  How is it possible that I’ve been alive so long?  I remember my dear Great Grandma making the comment at some point in her early 90s, “I looked in the mirror today and thought, WHO is that old lady?  I still feel 22 inside.”  I […]

2016 LDS Primary Outline Flipcharts to Color (PLUS Search, Ponder and Pray and Seek the Lord Early)

I am delighted to share with you the flipcharts I created to go along with the LDS Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation Outline for 2016. I use these flipcharts for almost every single song we sing in Primary.  I love how they help all ages of kids (and the teachers!) to remember the words. To download […]

Join Me For An A Lively Hope Clear the Clutter Challenge!

January is the season for fresh starts and new goals. A clean slate and so much potential lie ahead. My dear friend had an idea for an amazing clutter-clearing challenge for the new year and she was gracious enough to allow me to share it here with you. The idea is that we purge the […]