Wrapping up my Year of Creative Habits Challenge and Announcing My Project for 2016

 As this year draws to a close, so does a major goal for me. in January I set the goal to paint or draw every single day in 2015. I am delighted to report that I have not missed a single day!  I’ll freely admit that there were a few days that came pretty close. […]

Peek Into My Sketchbook: December 2015

I’ve been discovering what a stress relief it is for me to sit with my sketchbook for a few minutes each day and work on something that’s completely my own.  I don’t create these spreads with the thought that someday they could be prints in my shop or free printables for the blog.  They are […]

2016 LDS Primary Outline Theme and Scripture Posters

I am delighted to share with you these free LDS Primary 2016 Outline theme and scripture posters. I have designed these 12 colorful posters for you to use in your families and/or Primary settings (download below by clicking Add to Cart). Print them for your Primary bulletin board or to hang in your home as a reminder of […]

Quiet Book Pages for Boys

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a delightful and extremely active boy in your life.  He’s curious and smart and if you ever turn your head for even a second he’s climbing the curtains or dumping flour all over the floor, or any other number of mess-producing activities. I spent every spare moment (and, […]

FREE Coloring Page Flipcharts for ALL the LDS Primary Christmas Songs

My fellow Primary Music Leaders— After many hours of work, I have just finished designing flipcharts for all of the Christmas songs from the LDS Children’s Songbook.  I had such fun drawing all these images, and I am delighted to be able to share them with you! Printing in color is expensive, so, as always, my […]

A Peek Into My Art Journal (simple backgrounds + some favorite supplies)

I’ve been journaling since I was about eight.  Back then I had a diary that I called Bobbi (because is there any more fantastic name for a diary than Bobbi?  Not in my mind, in 1990.).  My methods, supplies and style have changed over the years, but I still find a lot of joy in […]