Our Neglected Garden

September has been full of bounty from our tiny garden. I’ll admit that I was a fairly lack-luster gardener this year.  We only grew three things: pumpkins, tomatoes and green beans.  I probably watered the garden three times all summer and weeded only intermittently, when the weeds reached Embarrassing Heights. Despite my lack of care, […]

Dealing with Paper Clutter–The Method That Actually Works For Me

Once upon a time there was a 10 year old girl who loved to play “Bookstore” with her friends.  She spent hours and hours alphabetizing her extensive book collection and then painstakingly wrote out by hand a list of all the titles, authors and prices of her books.  She’d spend hours at the window in […]

Free Printable Coloring Page: Thee Lift Me and I’ll Lift Thee And We’ll Ascend Together

“Thee lift me and I’ll lift thee, and we’ll ascend together.”  I first heard this phrase in Linda K. Burton’s General Conference talk and loved it immediately.  I see it as the ultimate goal of all authentic relationships.  Whether we’re talking about relationships in marriage, siblings, parents, or friends, ideally we all work together to lift […]

Canvas Gratitude Banner Service Project

We’ve spent all week celebrating “Not Back to School” with our local homeschool co-op.  The days have been full of everything from hiking as a family to vision board creation to a trip to our tiny zoo and much more. We adore this community of like-minded families and the friendships we’ve built.  I love the […]

Free Print: Hand-Drawn Flowers to Color

Download here Even thought it doesn’t quite feel like it yet where we live (temps are still in the 90s lately), summer is coming to a close.  I wanted to hold on to these carefree days a little bit longer, and in my mind nothing says summer quite like blooming flowers.  I drew this simple […]