Book of Mormon Study Journal for Kids (Volume 2)

Today is a big day! I’m rolling out Volume Two of my Book of Mormon Study Guide! (Read about Vol 1 here). This printable study journal is designed to help your kids (and you!) dive into an in-depth study of the stories of the Book of Mormon.  This 50 page journal includes thought-provoking questions and […]

Homeschool Morning Time: Our homeschool morning routine

One thing I’ve learned during the past 5 years of homeschooling is that the perfect routine is a moving target.  It seems like we need to reevaluate and reorganize our school routines every few months to fit our current season of life. Right now we are using a secret tool that has totally revolutionized our […]

2015 LDS Primary Theme Copywork (free printable packet}

Remember last year when I released the 2014 LDS Primary Theme copywork packet?  Remember how I said that I would definitely release the 2015 version earlier in the year?  And then I started it and was almost finished, was interrupted by another project and promptly forgot all about the copywork until a reader kindly reminded […]

I Hope This Isn’t the Best Day of Your Life

My little sister was married about three weeks ago (isn’t she lovely?).  That takes all five Kindlespire sisters officially off the market.   As I was helping hang decorations and prepare the festivities for her big day I was struck with a thought that I wanted to share with her, but I wasn’t sure if […]

Quick Tip: DIY Yogurt Pucks

This probably came about due to my many years of loyal service as a Hogi Yogi employee in high school and college, but I think having a premeasured and frozen puck of yogurt handy for our morning smoothies greatly simplifies the process of making a healthy and delicious breakfast. I love this homemade yogurt recipe.  It’s […]