Heirloom Stockings: Treasures in Progress

I was blessed to spend a lot of time with my Grandma while I was growing up.  We got together frequently for family dinners and to celebrate birthdays and holidays.  We spent a week together every summer at  Lake Powell  (and 2013, 2012, 2011, 2008).  My sisters and I joined in singing with Grandma in her choir. She […]

Finger Knit Gifts Kids Can Make

We’ve been crafting up a storm around here in preparation for Christmas.  We hosted a handmade gift exchange for kids and have had so much fun dreaming up and making gifts for our new friends. Our resident finger knitter has been hard at work. She made a darling set of finger knit bear ears for one […]

Quick Lit: December 2014

The Happiness of Pursuit First of all, isn’t that the best title ever?  This book was fascinating.  It tells the stories of many people who found and followed their own quests.  It includes everything from not speaking for 17 years to visiting every country on the planet to craft projects.  It was inspirational for the […]

Pattern: Tiny Nativity Embroidery Collection {Free Patterns}

I’m excited to be joining in on Camille’s Online Advent Calendar today. I have been so inspired by the other posts in her series.  Thank you, Camille, for putting together such a great resource! Today I have a collection of free embroidery patterns for you. They are pretty darling, if I do say so myself.  The […]