To My Favorite Person on His Birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the universe!   This man rises well before the sun.  He fixes everything that’s broken.   He is faithful, strong and caring. He wrestles, reads to, cuddles, tickles, swaddles, laughs with, snuggles, listens to and loves the little people under this roof. He backs up my harebrained ideas, […]

Vermicomposting (or, Worms Eat Our Garbage)

“We have 1000 worms in our basement! Wanna see?” For months these were the first words out of Ellie’s mouth whenever someone visited our home for the first time.  She would proudly lead the unsuspecting guest(s) to our indoor composting bin and pull back the layers of newspaper and cardboard to reveal 1000+ red wiggler […]

Hot Off The Press: A Peek at the Faith in God Study Guide

 Our very own copies (plus a couple dozen extra) of my new LDS Faith in God study guides arrived in the mail today.  Despite all the proofreading, editing,  re-proofreading, editing, and re-re-proofreading, I was terrified that they would be full of huge, glaring errors once I had a physical copy in hand.  I am happy […]