We Love to Read: January 2014

We are a book-loving family.   We read many books each month, but choose our favorites to share with you. We’re always looking for more books to add to our library bag (which literally burst at the seams as we left the library today).  I’d love to hear your recommendations! Reads for Mama Say Goodbye to […]

Feudal Japan Unit Study

 We’ve spent the past couple of weeks in Medieval Japan, learning about everything from samurai to shamisen.   We read many books, but these were our top four favorites: You Wouldn’t Want to be a Samurai!: A Deadly Career You’d Rather Not Pursue by Fiona McDonald: We adore this series. You can find a book for just […]

Food, Cheer and Song

{love thost great big eyes, mesmerized by the birthday flames} The Kindlespire family knows how to celebrate a gaggle of January birthdays: four generations; delicious food, which is always worth the wait; talking, laughing and teasing til our faces hurt; horrible on-purpose singing; a total of 113 candles; babies passed around and snuggled by many […]

Biographies for Kids: Orphan Train Rider

We participate in multiple group activities each month as part of our homeschool experience.  One of our favorite groups is Biography Club, hosted by an incredible friend of ours.  We look forward to this group each month because not only does our family get to spend time reading inspiring biographies in preparation for our presentation, […]

Goals for 2014 (and some of my favorite resources for doing awesome things)

I am a huge goal-setting nerd.  I adore list-writing, to-do lists and planning.  I don’t believe in “resolutions”. I don’t believe we can wake up one day and resolve to be different and never go back.  But I wholeheartedly believe in small steps.  Steady progress toward our goals. Realistic goal-setting makes a huge difference over […]

In Which I Share Strong Feelings About Feeding Our Children

Breastfeeding vs. Formula This subject has been on my heart lately, and because I have a different perspective than most mamas I feel the need to share.  It may be that I am ultra-senstive to this topic as I am up to my eyeballs in the newborn world again, but it seems to me that […]